Setting up a website is only one part of creating an online presence for your business. There are nine steps we recommend to all our clients to help improve you chances of being found in a Google search. The reason I say Google search is due to the fact it is the most widely used search engine in Australia, followed by Safari and then Bing but they are quiet small in comparison.

We have done extensive research into the cheapest and easiest way to achieve an online presence in the shortest amount of time.

  1. Set up a gmail account.
  2. Set up your Google Business Page. This is free just takes time and know how. Add a Google Analytics account and an API Key to this account.
  3. Register your domain name and buy your hosting using this email account as the sign in and contact address, there is a reason for this but it is too long to go into that here. You do not have to use this as your business email but you can if you wish. We can advise you on the best way to do this, do not use your personal name, use a business name for the email address.
  4. Set up your Website. Make it memorable and industry appropriate. This is an important point and one that can be difficult to get through to some customers. You might like hot pink and lime green but if visitors to your website don’t then you will not attract clients, you will repel them.
  5. Link your website to your Google Business Page.
  6. Set up your Bing Place and add your website to Bing search and map via webmaster.
  7. Set up any other Social Media accounts you may need. This will depend on your industry as not every business needs a Facepook page, some may do better with YouTube, instagram or LinkedIn. Make sure you design each account using the same colours, logos and profile images to ensure brand recognition.
  8. Add your business to all the relevant online directories. True Local, Local Search, Sensis (which is yellow and white pages), trip adviser (this is only for certain industries), yelp, and any others that may be useful to your industry.
  9. Connect everything back to your website.
  10. Finally advertise regularly on your Google Business Page and any other social media sites you have. This is all free but there is a skill to doing this and we teach you the best way to ensure your posts show up in searches.

If you are confident on a computer and happy to watch You Tube clips there are plenty of HOW TO GUIDES available to take you through each of these processes. Alternately you can pay us to do it for you.

For a basic website we can set everything listed above for $1000. This includes setting up the website as well, we just do all the other things at the same time. This creates the quickest and most impressive impact as your business is listed in so many different places all at once. We will show you how to create online ads, FREE ONES, and the best way to promote your business online.

For a deluxe website you are looking at $2000. You are paying for our time, so anything you want to do yourself will reduce this cost.

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