Graphic design encompasses a lot of different areas, from simple designs to complex and intricate designs.
We supply artwork for small jobs like business cards and labels right up top billboards and street signage.
Decals for your car or van, shop signage inside and out, menus and brochures, posters and leaflets, whatever you need.


We supply the artwork for your business cards.
We can organise to have them printed as sent
to you or you can order them yourself.


Choosing the correct logo to represent your
business requires thought and planning as it will be
the main branding be which you will be identified.


External signage for all areas of your business.
Billboards, car wraps, doors and windows,
whatever you need we can supply the artwork.


Branding for you business is an important part of the image you create. Colours, shapes and style all combine together to tell a story. We are visual people and often make snap decision about how we feel about something we have seen. We also have preconceived ideas about the way the world see look. What does this have to do with business branding, everything.

Whether we are looking to buy a house, a car, a boat or skin care, we already have a certain idea in our minds of what we expect to see. You can have all the right words, great products and a well designed website but if the colours and style don’t match our ideas, you can lose a potential customer.

You may think this is silly or even wrong but don’t take my word for it, try it yourself.

Think of a plant nursery using black and red as the colour scheme or a sleep clinic using hot pink and fluorescent green.

Smarter people than me spend lots of money and time finding out what attracts people and what repels them.

If you want to instil trust, then softer more natural tones is what you want to use. That is not to say you can not have a logo that stands out, but maybe tone it down will paler shades of those colours on your website.


If you are looking for colour ideas look to nature for ideas and to work out what colours look good together. When you view a scene think about how it makes you feel, if the feeling matches business image you want to convey, you know you are in the right colour range.



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